fucked her almost continuously non stop

fucked her almost continuously non stop

fucked her almost continuously non stop, I am back, with another story of mine. For those who don’t know me, I am Samir, good looking, young, single, hot and horny boy from Delhi. I am well placed professionally as well. I appreciate your comments and I also got to know few people who contacted me through mail.

Thank you all for reading thoroughly and enjoying it. Coming back to my story, its my old encounter and I have not yet shared it. It happened way back in 2012 when I had to go a house to see a patient who was being treated in the hospital where I worked. By the way readers I am a doctor by profession. So they requested me to come over and check him. It was evening, I checked him up and I explained to family that nothing much can be done and they should let things flow and not do anything further since it will not work. They appreciated my coming there and of my help and suggestion. I did everything to put everything in ease.

Anyways after some days, I gotta news that he expired. Some days after I went to see them. That guy had wife and a daughter. The wife was 39 and her daughter 8. she appreciated it and we became kinda friends. I had nothing in mind of sexual nature with her. She used to call or text me for medical advice. We both were busy in our daily routine as she was working as HR consultant in one of the MNC’s in Noida.

After few months she called me up and invited me to her house for dinner. I readily accepted and went to her home. She was looking marvelous in a pink saree. That was the day when I actually felt something. She was looking very gorgeous and had maintained herself at 39. we had dinner, chatted over it, her daughter also enjoyed my company and I left. Later in night, she texted me thank you for coming. We had chat for another 10 minutes and went to sleep.

From that day we used to call or text often and once she opened up and said you are a nice man and I would like to be more close to you. I called her in evening and we talked and she said she relies upon me and trusts me. I appreciated that. She said she was never satisfied physically and would like someone to take care of her physical needs.

Since she had developed a good relation with me, so she asked if I can be her sexual partner. That time I was single and I readily said yes. We set the date for coming Friday and she sent her daughter to relatives. Friday evening I went to her place and here she was in a punjabi suit with very wide neck and low cut back. Her boobs were big and oozing out of the suit. She had done a light makeup and a nose ring. I opened my mouth and could not utter a word.

I kept on looking and she said, hey have not you seen woman before. I came to senses and said yes I have but not as beautiful as you are tonight. She got a glass of water for me and gave when while she bend a little. He boobs came out and a sexy deep cleavage was inviting me. She said did you like what you saw. I said you have most beautiful boobs and you cleavage is so deep. She sat on sofa opposite to me and she was teasing me with her excellent view.

I got up and sat on my knees on floor and put my face and mouth in that beautiful valley and started kissing her. She held my held and I kissed her boobs, licked her cleavage. She didn’t let me go and pushed my face in her boobs. I kept on kissing licking and sucking the boob portion I cud see. I cupped her boobs with my hands from below and rubbed my face over her boobs. I sucked licked and kissed her boobs.

She got up and I grabbed her from behind and pumped her boobs in front of mirror. I pumped them, squeezed them and she asked for more and more. She said mai janam janam ki pyasi hu, meri pyas bujao, muje apni randi banao. I kissed her back, her shoulders. I could not hold long and I caught her and tear her kurti from the front she was not wearing a bra. She liked my being wild and began sucking her boobs.

I kept sucking her boobs one by one. I sucked her nipples, bite her nipples and she moaned loudly. She moaned and cried a lot. She kept begging for more and more. Make me your bitch tonight, fuck me hard tonight, don’t let me go, use me like a toilet paper, use me fuck me. Do whatever you want to. She pushed me on the bed and took her pyjama off and sat on my mouth she gave her pussy on my mouth and I sucked and licked her. She smothered my face and didn’t let me breath.

This was the moment when I liked face sitting and had experienced for the first time. She kept face fucking me and I kept eating her. She came in gushed but she continued to sit on my face and mouth and rubbed her pussy all over my face. She cried and moaned loudly. I licked her pussy and ass hole she kept on saying more and more.

She got up sat on her knees and I fed her my dick. She started sucking like a bitch in heat. I held her head and fucked her mouth till throat. She asked to be more hard. I fucked her mouth hard and fast and she gagged. She took out dick took a breath and again started eating my dick. She kept getting her mouth fucked. I took out and smooched her mouth.

We kissed and tasted the mouth of each other. I again fucked her face till her throat. She told me to fuck her face like pussy. She lie down and I fucked her mouth very hard and fast. I kept doing it and I started cumming hard. She drank all my cum and some flowed to her face and neck. She got up and she asked me to smooch her. I smooched her wildly and hard and we tasted my cum. I licked her neck and face and also cleaned her face with my dick giving my cum in her mouth. We smooched sucked each other good. By the we were smooching my dick started to go hard again.

She took in her mouth and started sucking it ferociously. It was harder than before. I sat on sofa and she came and sat on my lap took my dick in her pussy with ahhhh. She exclaimed you are very big for my pussy. She was not facing me so I helped her fucking my dick by holding her waist. She fucked my dick hard and fast. I hold her boobs from behind and pumped them real hard. She didnt let me wear condom as she swore that she is clean and she knew I was clean as well.

She got into doggy and opened her ass cheeks. I got from behind and pushed my dick in her asshole slowly. She said O God! Its so big, common fuck my ass, take my ass. Muje randi banao, muje apni kutiya banao, meri gand maro, meri chut ko chodo, muje apne lund se shaant karo. I fucked her harder and hard. I held her waist and fucked her real hard. I came in her asshole and withdrew my dick.

fucked her almost continuously non stop

I opened her ass cheeks and I could see cum flowing out of her asshole trickling to pussy and thighs. I couldn’t resist myself and licked her asshole and pussy from behind. I liked her thighs, kissed her pussy, sucked her pussy and asshole together. We kept doing it for the entire night one session after another without taking a break. In the morning at 5 we slept and woke up at 10. she made breakfast.

I woke up, had shower and when I came in kitchen she was lying down nude on table with omelette on her pussy and cream on her boobs. I got crazy about the view and I licked her creamy boobs first and after that I took omelette from her pussy which I ate hungrily together with her cum. Her pussy had become little greasy and too moist and I shoved my dick in her pussy on kitchen table and I fucked her for almost 10 minuted continuously non stop.

I stayed there till Sunday evening and we did all sorts of dirty and nasty things. We urinated on each other and I sucked her pussy while she pissed. I also stuffed her pussy with jam and neutella on Sunday morning and has my pussy breakfast. Overall we fucked almost 30 times and in every corner of her home. I used her all holes and we didn’t go out. We stayed nude 24 hours and fucked like anything. She thanked me a lot for satisfying her thirst and heat inside.

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