pressing the nipples moaned umm maahhh

pressing the nipples moaned umm maahhh

pressing the nipples moaned umm maahhh, Hello to all specially the fans thanks for mailing me.Please read and enjoy the story. Jyoti was lying on bed with her beautiful round boobs and spread legs. Rajesh was entering his cock in his beautiful wife Jyoti’s pussy.Jyoti moaned “ahhhh Rajesh plzz aaj ache se chodna ahh”Rajesh went inside jyoti,he started moving in and out it was hardly the fourth stroke when Rajesh began to cum”ahhh Jyoti ahh”He fell down with his dick going soft.Jyoti was frustrated,her husband couldn’t last long .Rajesh muttered”Sorry jyoti mujhe maaf karna”Jyoti just turned away she was sad.Rajesh was also a angry at himself as he could not last to please his wife.Rajesh and Jyoti chawla were a good couple they also had a 5 year old daughter,but since couple of years Rajesh was struggling to go for longer periods in his wife.Jyoti was also depressed and was unsatisfied.

Rajesh woke up the next day ,he got ready and left for morning walk.As usual his friend Harish joined.Harish was a 25 year old man who worked in software company.They both become friends at the local gym.

Harish helped Rajesh to tone up.Harish said”kya haal hai bhaisab?”Rajesh said”bas yaar thik hun”Harish”aur bhabhi ji thik hain?”Rajesh kept silent.Harish realized there was some problem so he didn’t force on.After walking for a while Rajesh asked”yar Harish tu shadi kab kar raha hai?”Harish kept silent and spoke with a little frustration”Yar koi milti hi nahin bhai,sab teri tarah lucky thodi hain jo jyoti bhabhi jaisi wife mil jaye,hum to bas muth mlete hain”.Rajesh knew that Harish was kind of sexually depressed as he had no woman.They both sat down on the bench,

Harish kept ogling at all the woman who passed by some were young some were evan married,Harish said”wo dekh Mrs Sharma yar kya mast maal hai,isko chodne main kitna maza ayega”

Rajesh looked and smiled,Harish said”abe kuch bol bhai aaj tu muh sujhaye kyun baitha hai?” Rajesh said”bhai kuch nahin I am depressed its jyoti”Harish said “kya ho gaya Bhai Bhabhi ne kuch kaha kya?Zarur tujhe sunaya hoga jo hamne parso daru pee thi usko lekar”Rajesh said “nahin yaar baat kuch aur hai”Harish said “bhai Tell me then only I can help.”Rajesh said”Yar teri bhabhi ko main satisfy nahin kar pa raha main kafi jaldi finish ho jata hun and she wants more but I cant do anything”Harish realized the seriousness of the matter and said”Bhai Why don’t you try some medicines?”

Rajesh replied “yar try kari thi but they were not effective I still finish early”Harish said”Bhai do something Dr ke pass jay a kuch aur kar warna “Rajesh said “warna kya?”Harish said”Yar kahin Bhabhi koi gair mard na dhundle”Rajesh said “bhai isi ka to dar hai” Rajesh took a deep breath ,then he said”Bhai Harish kyun na tu apni bhabhi ko satisfy karde ?”Blood rushed to Harish’s cock he had fantasized a lot about Jyoti her white skin,big melons and an ass to die for and now he go the offer to fuk her.”bhai but jyoti bhabhi manengi kya?”

Rajesh said “bhai patina padega jyoti ko,Tera lund ka pic de mujhe main jyoti ko dikhaunga”Harish sent the image of his dick to Rajesh,he gasped when he saw Harish’s cock it was long and twice in thickness compared to his.Rajesh said “yar tujhe jyoti pasand to hai na”Harish replied”Bhai Jyoti bhabhi to sabse hot lady hain jise maine dekha hai unko chodke to jannat mil jayegi”Rajesh said “yaar I will show it to her lets see wo kya kehti hai”

The day went quickly at night Jyoti was lying on Rajesh’s side,when Rajesh turned towards her and said”Jaan tumhe kuch dikhana hai?”Jyoti said “kya ?”Rajesh took out his phone and put on display the Image of Harish’s cock and placed it before Jyoti’s face.Jyoti said”wow nice cock ,ye kiski photo hai?”Jyoti’s cunt got a little wet seeing the image of the thick cock.Rajesh said “Harish ki,tumhe kaisi lagi?”Jyoti said “achi hai but tum mujhe kyun dikha rahe ho?”Rajesh said”Yar jyoti Harish tumhe like karta hai,wo tumhe satisfy bhi karega kyat um use sex karna chahogi?”Jyoti was in dilemma her husband was asking her to sleep with other man and that too the lusty bastard Harish who ogled at every women he saw.But jyoti needed sex badly she said”Rajesh are you sure?I want it badly but inviting another man is it right?”Rajesh said “Jyoti I want you to be happy,its just sex do it and enjoy whats big deal”Jyoti nodded.

Rajesh invited Harish next night to there home.Harish came in and sat down on Sofa.Harish said “Jyoti bhabhi kahan hai?”Rajesh said “wo abhi a rahi hain” They both turned and saw Jyoti in black saree it was a bit transparent showing the white blouse and top of her melons she was wearing her mangalsutra and red bangles.She was looking so beautiful.She sat down infront of Harish.

Jyoti said”Hi harish”Harish said”hi bhabhi you look gorgeous”Jyoti saw bulge in Harish’s pants. Rajesh said “Jyoti zara pani to serve kardo”She picked up the tray and bent to serve Harish,her pallu fell and she showed her milky white boobs to Harish.Harish kept ogling at her boobs.Rajesh saw jyoti going and sitting on Harish’s side,Harish put his hand across Jyoti’s back and rested it on her shoulder.The cock was becoming uncomfortable.Jyoti saw the tension in Harish’s pants.Harish put his other hand on Jyoti’s boob and started pressing it.Jyoti said”ahhh ufff”

Raj unbuttoned his pants and removed them his cock sprang out it was hard and thick.Jyoti put her hand and started stroking it .Harish said”Waah bhabhi bahut naram hath hain apke”She was stroking the thick shaft.Jyoti slipped from his side and fell on her knees.Harish pulled her pallu off.Her cleavage was visible.Jyoti stroked he cock just infront of her face.She took Harish’s balls in her fist and pressed them.Harish moaned “Ahhhh yes bhabhi”Harish put his hand behind Jyotis face and pushed it towards her cock.Jyoti put her tongue out and moved it around the tip of Harish’s cock.

Rajesh was enjoying watching his wife doing this to Harish he also started stroking his cock.Jyoti took the whole length in and pushed it in her mouth she was taking it deep in her mouth.Harish removed her blouse and fondled with the melons.He was pressing the nipples.Jyoti moaned”umm maahhh tera to bahut acha hai Harish”Rajesh went behind his wife and removed her lower.Jyoti’s thin underwear was pulled off by Rajesh He started licking her pussy,lubricating it.he fingered Jyoti’s ass ,jyoti moaned “ahhhh ohhh god.”Harish stood up and also lifted Jyoti He took her naked body in his arms and went to the bedroom,Jyoti had wrapped her legs around Harish,Harish went and lyed on the bed,Now jyoti was on top of him with Harishs face between the tits.

Rajesh came in and lied towards there legs.Harish took his cock and inserted it in Jyoti’s pussy,jyoti moaned”ahhhh aram se ahhhhhh”He was pressing those enormous ass on his cock while he was banging her from beneath.Harish said”Bhabhi kitni wet hai apki chut ahhhh”Jyoti was moaning “ahhhhhh tera cock kitna mota hai ahhhh phad de apni bhabhi ki chut.”Rajesh started licking her pussy ,He was enjoying the young man banging his wife.Harish sucked her tits,the pleasure was overwhelming for Jyoti she began cumming”ahhhhhh ahhh ohhhh god yes”Her juices fell over Harish’s dick.Harish increased his speed he was no where of cumming.Jyoti continued to scream “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mar gayi ahhhhh yesssss”jyoti started kissing harish it was a deep smooch.

Rajesh saw all this and stroked his cock a couple of times he came all over jyotis ass.he was finished but he saw Harish hungrily banging Jyotis pussy.Jyoti was kissing smooching Harish.Jyotis screamed wildly with the thrusting.Harish turned her over and came on top of her and continued pushing deeper and harder.Jyoti clasped Harish with her legs.She scremed”I am cumming ahhhhh”Harish increase his speed he put his lips on jyoti’s and he was about to cum,Jyoti had a shattering orgasm harish moaned”hhh bahbhi ohhhh I love you ahhhh”He cumed gallons inside Jyoti’s pussy.He remained on her top and the two kissed passionately and rubbed each others bodies.Jyoti was satisfied by the hungary boy Harish.

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